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Conference security checking service

With the development of science-technology and increasing competition between countries, also the increasing communication, all people have recognized the importance of security for confidential conference. At present, there is large breakthrough and advance of Anti-Surveillance according to this situation. And it is an all-pervading trend. As an international company ,now we will first show this Service -- Conference security checking service. It is unprecedented in China.

The main characteristic as follows:

A The Objective

Due to the exceeding confidentiality and advanced instruments of espionage, our company will recur to the most advanced equipments to check the conference locale roundly. And we will surveil as well as avoid wiretapping and leakiness during the conference.

B Team frame
Our company will organize a special department and divide into three groups. The first group is Director Operations; the second group is Operations Centre; the third is a 24-hour Response Team.

C The subject
Kinds of monitor in the conference locale and some wiretapping equipments from external during the conference.

D The Staff
All the operators in this department had passed through the professional train in the international. And the process will be operated by experts from foreign countries whom are accomplished in this area to ensure the process's standardization and specialization.

E Professional equipments
Our company fetched in the most advanced equipment of Anti-Surveillance in the world, and it will be operated by experts in the international .This is the first time to fetch in this equipment anti-Surveillance Receiver in China. It is the head of other congeneric products, because of its advancement and science technology .It can offer high quality anti-Surveillance measure for all the companies in China.

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